Structo announces partnership with German 3D printing materials manufacturer, pro3dure. Extending range of applications in the Velox ecosystem.

February 05, 20 | 4 mins read
  • Partnership will see pro3dure’s range of dental materials being available to users of Structo‘s Velox 3D printer.
  • Velox is the world’s first all-in-one desktop 3D printer with autonomous post-processing (Print, Wash and Cure) aimed at spearheading the adoption of 3D printing in dental practices.
  • pro3dure manufactures various photopolymer materials for dental, audiology and medical applications.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, Feb 04, 2020Structo, a dental 3D printing solutions provider and the manufacturer behind Velox – the world’s first all-in-one 3D printer – today announced a partnership with German 3D printing materials company, pro3dure. This partnership will see Velox users gain access to pro3dure’s range of dental 3D printing Structo continues to collaborate with industry partners in various areas to build upon Velox’s in-office dental 3D printing ecosystem.

“We are commited to continue developing the Velox ecosystem of hardware, software and materials to empower the delivery of same day dentistry” explains Huub van Esbroeck, Founder at Structo. “Today’s announcement will see Velox users gain access to pro3dure’s range of industry-leading dental 3D printing materials which gives them a range of options for their in-office 3D printing needs”.

This collaboration will see pro3dure’s 3D printing material for Splints, Surgical Guide, Indirect Bonding Trays, and Temporaries calibrated and made available to print on the Velox 3D printer in dental practices with more applications coming soon. On top of Structo’s proprietary dental model material (Structomer Model), this partnership opens a whole range of new applications for Velox users.

“We strive to make our range of dental materials as widely available as possible,” said Dr. Martin Klare, CEO of pro3dure. “The Structo Velox is a revolutionary ecosystem that will change how 3D printing is adopted in the dental office and we are proud to introduce our range of 3D printing resins with the world’s largest spectrum of dental applications available on that platform”.

Speaking about the partnership, Huub notes the importance of working with partners like pro3dure to continue pushing the envelope of chairside 3D printing in dentistry. “This is another step for us to provide more options to all Velox users worldwide and we will continue working with industry leaders to add more value and streamline the chairside 3D printing workflow for our industry”. “We started off with just the hardware that does the print, wash and cure cycle of a 3D printing workflow. With more partnerships like these, we are confident that the Velox ecosystem will be able to empower dentists to deliver better patient care with revolutionary new solutions,” Huub added.

Structo and pro3dure will be exhibiting at the upcoming LMT Lab Day Chicago on Feb 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. For more information, visit


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About pro3dure
Materials are our DNA – is the basic principle of the dynamic and innovative company pro3dure medical. The company´s philosophy, aiming at satisfying the specific needs of our customers, is the result of an inborn strategic imperative that contributes to the research and development of innovative solutions for the dental world. pro3dure medical provides customized and proven technology packages. Our focus is both generative and subtractive manufacturing processes and their integration into digital process chains. We develop customized material solutions for your digital workflow. 3D is the central focal point of our activities just like in our name. We produce the materials used in the digital chain for our core market dental at our sites in Germany, USA and Singapore – from highly innovative 3D printing resins to the dental THERMEO milling blank. The pro3dure GR series offers you the worldwide largest selection of 3D printing resins for dental applications.

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