Structo Showcases the OrthoForm at IDEM 2016

October 16, 19 | 1 min read

14/04/2016 — The Structo OrthoForm was on display on during the IDEM 2016 dental trade show. After growing interest in the dental printer post the CAD/CAM Dentistry conference in December last year, the OrthoForm was met with even more enthusiastic response from the world’s largest labs to smaller dental clinics. The overall theme was that Structo’s OrthoForm printer was the best in class for high volume orthodontic production.

With the 100 micron x/y resolution, the OrthoForm was well received by Orthodontic labs, Orthodontists, Implantologists, and labs with large scale production. The industry was most excited by the high throughput of printable arches for aligners or custom trays that Structo’s MSLA technology enables. Whereas most dental printers on the market focus on high resolution, they often suffer from small build platforms and low throughput. Structo takes the cake in less precise, high production applications in dental.

Many asked if the OrthoForm had a higher resolution option (50 micron x/y) for printing of precision models and crowns & bridges, to which we said “not yet.”

Stay tuned to our developments in this space.