FAQ - Velox Plan

Please find the most frequently asked questions for our Velox Plans below. Should you still have questions, please contact us

What is Structo Fair Use Policy?

  • Structo believes that its customers should have the amount of resin tanks needed to operate their machines as per their consumption profile and per standard consumption data.  If Structo believes that customers are using resin tanks against the guidance given by Structo or for the purposes of resale, reverse engineering or other purposes considered detrimental to Structo's commercial viability, Structo reserves the right to charge customers for the purchase of resin tanks.

The website says 20% resin discount as an Introductory offer. If I buy now, will I get the same discount level for 36 months or the entire lifetime of my machine?

  • You will receive a 20% discount for a period of 36 months.

Do I need anything else apart from the tanks, resin and solvent? or What Consumables are used while operating the Velox?

  • Simplicity is everything with Velox, so you only need to worry about three consumables: Resin, Tanks, and Solvent.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

  • All costs are reflected during checkout. Over the life of the machine, you will be required to replace the resin tank. You can either choose our standard plan and pay for each resin tank swap, or choose our Plus/Premium plans and receive this free of charge. There are no other costs involved with operating your Velox.

Can I buy a Velox if I live outside of the USA?

  • We currently only sell Velox units online to customers in the USA. Please contact us if you're located outside of the USA and would like to purchase a Velox.

Do I get shipping free on ALL shipments (free, discounted, etc) if I'm on Premium?

  • That is correct! For those outside of the US, unfortunately we can't offer our Premium Plan

Can I buy consumables even if I don't have a Velox?

  • No. You'll have to purchase a Velox in order to purchase consumables.

What included in Structo Total Care Support?

  • 24/5 Phone & Email Support, Preventative Maintenance Support, Training, Product Replacement Support, Product and Software Updates. Please see our Maintenance & Service Agreement for more details.

Do you accept cheques, bank transfers for resin purchases?

  • We only accept credit cards or PayPal payments for resin purchases.

How do you work with 3rd Party Financing Institutions?

  • Structo partners with 3rd Party Financing Institutions ("3PFI") to bring Structo's customers a quick, affordable and hassle free solution to purchase a Velox 3D printer.  Structo and 3PFI are independent parties.  Structo is in no way affiliated with 3PFI and does not have any influence in 3PFI's decision to approve/reject financing applications.  

Can I arrange my own financing?

  • Yes! Please contact us and one of our team members will walk you through this process.

What is PrintWorks and do I need it?

  • PrintWorks comes free with your Velox and helps you place your parts on the Velox build platform. Printworks gives you some manipulation capabilities but we've simplified it so it's only a few clicks before you're printing.

How do Hot Swaps work?

  • Once you contact us for support, we will work with you to figure out the problem. If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely or in person, we will replace your machine with another working machine as long as the issue is covered under our Warranty Policy.

I am new to 3D printing and not sure which package is suitable for my needs.

  • If you are new to 3D printing and are still trying to figure out your weekly print volumes, the STANDARD plan is a good place for you to start. If you are already printing on a regular basis, our PLUS plan is designed to help you save on consumables and materials purchases. For a complete hassle-free solution and for high-volume users, the PREMIUM plan provides even more savings.

What materials are available on the Velox?

  • Check out all our materials that are available on the Velox here.

How does the design service work with my Velox?

  • When we integrate with a design partner, they are able to send print jobs directly to your Velox if you choose to allow it. With this ecosystem, all you have to do is send a scan to one of our integrated design services, and the print job goes directly to the printer without any intervention from you. Yes, it's that simple.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan later on?

Can I purchase 2 Velox printers on different financing plans?

  • No, all Velox printers purchased will be moved onto the higher financing plan selected. This process will be managed via our financing partner during the application process for subsequent printers. A top-up payment will need to be made prior to the subsequent printer application being approved.

Do I have to pay for software upgrades?

  • No!

Is my data secure and private?

  • Yes! We ensure that all your data is secure and private by using the latest security technologies available.

Do I need to sterilize printed parts before use?

  • Yes, please cold-sterilize the printed part for 30 minutes in ethanol before use.