A People-First Culture


Once you're on board, we trust you to give everything your best shot, learn from your mistakes and try to improve 1% every day
We promote work-life flexibility, as it's hard to find balance when you love what you do!


We think you'll be joining us because you want to build great technology and be part of building a great organization. The quickest way to do both is by giving you that freedom to do both. We don't have the time or money to micromanage you, we need you to come in and own it.


While we don't micromanage, we are here to coach. We don't take a one shoe fits all approach. Everyone is a little different, and everyone needs a different amount of time, attention and feedback.


We try to make it easy for you. No convoluted message, no counterintuitive KPIs. The leaders in the organization try to keep things simple, so that everyone can stay focused on what they love doing.


No hidden agendas, no politics just bluntness. That might not be for everyone, but at least everyone will know what's happening.


We want great people to stay and grow with us, simple. So we work towards helping our people develop to ensure they keep growing.


It's hard to make progress when you're trying to do too much at the same time. At Structo we help you focus on what's important, so that you can stack up the wins and keep moving to the next awesome project to work on.

Interested in joining us?