Empowering Dental with 3D

At Structo, we design, develop and build 3D printers
tailored for dental applications.

We Work With The Best in Dental

We work closely with industry leaders and pioneers to develop novel solutions that specifically address the needs of the dental industry. See our printers in action in one of the world’s largest dental labs, Glidewell Dental.

Reengineering 3D Printing

Not all 3D printers are made equal

After more than three years of R&D, Structo has perfected a truly unique method of 3D printing.

Structo’s revolutionary MSLA technology enables our printers to achieve record-breaking speeds, much faster than existing SLA or DLP printers.

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Built For Dental

Designed, and developed from the ground up for dental applications

higher throughput

MSLA technology allows our printers to achieve incredible speeds without compromising on print quality

low maintenance costs

Modular Design – Built for ease of use and low downtime

Fits Into Workflow

Compatible with leading dental software. Easily integrated into existing workflow

VeloxThe World’s First Desktop 3D Printer with Autonomous Post-Processing

Enabling same day appliance manufacturing. Go from STL file to final printed at just the push of a button.

DentaFormThe World’s Fastest Dental Model 3D Printer

Capable of printing up to 50 micrometers (XY) resolution, the DentaForm is built to ensure that every intricate detail in your digital models is captured in the final printed models.

Made For

Dental Practice

Made For

Dental Laboratories

Orthodontic models
Clear aligner models
C&B models
Surgical guides
Custom trays
Denture bases

Models for crowns
Models for bridges
Precision models

Build Volume
75 (X) by 45 (Y) by 75 (Z) mm 
2.9 (X) by 1.7 (Y) by 2.9 (Y) inch 

Build Volume
200 (X) by 150 (Y) by 100 (Z) mm (3 Liters)
7.8 (X) by 5.9 (Y) by 3.9 (Y) inch (0.78 Gallons)
Printing Accuracy
50 micrometers

Printing Accuracy
100 micrometers

Layer Thickness (Z)
50 µm (minimum)
0.0019 inch (minimum)

Layer Thickness (Z)
50 µm (minimum)
0.0019 inch (minimum)

Build Speed

Build Speed
Up to 10 models in 30m

Featured In

 Dental Asia Magazine Lab Management Today (LMT) MagazineDental Tribune InternationalInside Dental Technology (Aegis Communication)TCT Magazine

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