ulab systems

uLab Systems

uLab is led by entrepreneurs and technologists committed to serving the orthodontic community and their patients by giving control back to orthodontists. uLab Systems is located in Redwood City, CA and was founded in 2015 by Charlie Wen and Amir Abolfathi.

Pro3dure dental 3D printing materials


Materials are our DNA – is the basic principle of the dynamic and innovative company pro3dure medical. The company´s philosophy, aiming at satisfying the specific needs of our customers, is the result of an inborn strategic imperative that contributes to the research and development of innovative solutions for the dental world. pro3dure medical provides customized and proven technology packages. Our focus is both generative and subtractive manufacturing processes and their integration into digital process chains. We develop customized material solutions for your digital workflow. 3D is the central focal point of our activities just like in our name. We produce the materials used in the digital chain for our core market dental at our sites in Germany, USA and Singapore – from highly innovative 3D printing resins to the dental THERMEO milling blank. The pro3dure GR series offers you the worldwide largest selection of 3D printing resins for dental applications.

MADE IN GRMANY. GR – MANY POSSIBILITIES! For more information visit

Evident digital dental design services


Evident is a global company focused on taking the dental industry from traditional to digital by leveraging technology to bring a new level of convenience, simplicity and value to the dental industry. Our vision is to be the "go-to" platform for integrating a digital workflow.