Glidewell Dental Announced as Launch Customer for New Structo DentaForm 3D Printer

October 16, 19 | 3 mins read


  • Structo’s high throughput printer allows Glidewell to expand their production capabilities with relatively low upfront costs.
  • After running three Structo OrthoForm 3D Printers in production over the last year, this new purchase by Glidewell is a mark of confidence in Structo’s MSLA technology-equipped printers.
  • The new DentaForm printers replace a larger number of other printers due to Structo’s high throughput capabilities.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2017 – Glidewell Dental, industry-leading provider of dental products, high-quality restorations and laboratory services based in Newport Beach, California, announced today its expanded partnership with Structo, a Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions provider, with an investment in two of Structo’s newly launched DentaForm 3D printers.

After running three Structo OrthoForm printers in production over the last year, Glidewell has decided to further integrate Structo’s Mask Stereolithography (MSLA) technology-equipped printers in order to expand the company’s production capabilities. By adding two of the newly released DentaForm printers, Glidewell Dental is now operating a total of five Structo machines in its production facilities.

“Structo’s unique MSLA technology is just the type of innovation the industry needs,” said David Leeson, director of engineering at Glidewell Dental. “We are very excited to continue this partnership with Structo and improve our production efficiency by adopting the newly launched DentaForm 3D printer.”

After a comprehensive evaluation of their expanding production needs, Glidewell Dental purchased two DentaForm 3D printers instead of a larger number of printers from a competing manufacturer, favoring Structo’s high throughput capabilities. “Operating two of Structo’s new printers is not only sufficient to replace a number of our existing printers, but also allows us to increase capacity overall,” added Leeson, who mentioned that they foresee further expansion with more DentaForm printers in the second half of this year.

The Structo DentaForm is capable of printing up to 30 dental models in approximately 90 minutes. Having just launched in February at the Association of Orthodontists Singapore Congress, Structo continues to make waves in the industry by partnering with the world’s largest dental laboratory.

“Despite being halfway across the world in Singapore, we are extremely pleased with the support provided by the entire team at Structo,” said Cory Kolb, head of support at Glidewell Dental. “We are constantly in touch with their engineering team to exchange ideas and provide feedback, which is crucial in ensuring that our machines constantly operate at an optimum level.”

“Having one of the leading dental labs in the world place its trust in our technology shows that our solution is addressing a very critical need in digital dentistry. David and his team have been providing us with a lot of feedback that has contributed to new features and design elements of the DentaForm printer. We are really excited to continue this partnership with Glidewell to help them expand their capacity,” added Huub van Esbroeck, one of Structo’s founders.

About Structo 3D

Structo is a Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions provider. Using unique proprietary MSLA technology, Structo designs, develops and builds 3D printers tailored for dental applications. With MSLA, Structo’s 3D printers are able to achieve speeds much higher than conventional SLA printers and are revolutionizing the field of digital dentistry with higher throughput and lower costs — all without compromising on print quality. Alongside dental 3D printers, Structo builds control systems and software, and formulates its own photopolymer materials tailored specifically to each use in a range of dental 3D printing applications.

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Structo 3D

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