Showcasing our printers at Inside 3D Singapore

October 16, 19 | 1 min read

03/02/2016 — On the back of our launch of the OrthoForm last December, we teamed up with Materialise to show off our range of printers at the latest Inside 3D printing conference in our home, Singapore. Showcasing in a booth next to Materialise emphasized our collaboration with the world’s leading 3D printing software provider.

The show was well attended by business and individuals from around the world (from Argentina to Iran!). Notably, our RapidForm garnered lots of attention amongst the service bureaus and other manufacturers. Compliments on the design, build volume and speed were hardly sparse. Apart from answering questions to prospective buyers and curious bystanders, the show gave the whole Structo team a well-earned break from all the hard work we’ve put in into making these printers.

Overall the show was well organized by the Inside 3D team, and attracted a good crowd. The speakers were interesting and informed, highlighting all the trends and sharing all the new technologies revolutionizing the industry. A surprising amount of individuals who were new to 3D printing attended just to soak up the vibrant atmosphere.