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Face shield STL & STEP Files

Download digital files to print on your 3D printer.
>Download STL File
>Download STEP File

Face shield Structo SPJ File

Download Structo DentaForm-ready .SPJ file to print on your Structo DentaForm 3D printer.
>Download SPJ File (1 Face shield)
>Download SPJ File (3 Face shields)
>Download SPJ File (5 Face shields)

Face Shield Assembly Guide Video

Step-by-step guide on how to assemble your Structo face shields.

Face Shield Assembly User Manual

Download the assembly user manual document
>Download User Manual File

Surgical Mask Strap

>Download STL File
Credit to user Suraky on Thingiverse
Link to original file: LINK
No changes have been made to the designer's original file
1. Currently, due to varying regulations by the respective local health authorities, we only ship to the United States and Singapore.
2. Most local health authorities consider these swabs a regulated medical device and requires that vendors adhere to specific manufacturing guidelines.
3. Please check with your local health authority before producing and using these swabs in your own facilities.