Ambridge Ceramics - Impact Of The DentaForm 3D Printer On Productivity

September 15, 19 | 1 min read
At the Chicago Dental Society's 153rd Midwinter Meeting 2018, we caught up with a DentaForm user, Mark Ambridge of Ambridge Ceramics. Jonathan Rayfield, from our representative in the UK, Techceram spoke to Mark about what it is like before and after incorporating the DentaForm into their CAD/CAM digital workflow at our booth. Watch the interview below.

"We are now printing models before the order makes it downstairs."

Mark Ambridge
Owner, Founder & Lead Ceramist
Ambridge Ceramics, UK

Ambridge Ceramics is a well known and highly regarded leading cosmetic and implant dental laboratory based in the UK. They offer crown, bridge and implant services from single unit restorations through to more complex case planning with diagnostic assessments and highly personal and technical implant restorations. Some of their team members have been with the lab for more than 20 years. They have won awards for aesthetic dentistry and were the 2016 winner for the Best Private laboratory in the UK. For more information on our products and services go to: