Structo Feature | Discussing 3D Printing In Dental With Two Tech Leaders

October 22, 20 | 1 min read

Over the years, we have been able to lend our voice to various publications and media outlets and shed light on how our technology changes and improves daily lives. “Structo Feature” is a segment that summarizes these insights from all around the world, sharing our knowledge on the advancement of additive manufacturing technology.



Recently, additive manufacturing technology has seen rapid adoption growth in dentistry. This advanced technology has assisted dentist and dental laboratories in creating streamlined workflows, optimising costs, and improving treatment outcomes.  In fact, the technology itself gave birth to a whole new orthodontic appliance, clear aligners. Without 3D printing, this revolutionary new method of straightening teeth would not have existed.

Earlier this month, our Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy – Jonathan Lim spoke with Dominic Turner, Business Consultant at Charlton Morris[CM] to discuss why the dental industry was so quick to adopt an emerging technology and what it takes for the industry to maintain this exponential growth trajectory.

Jonathan believes that there is a “No one size fits all solution” in the market as most industry problems require their own tailored solution to effectively get solved.  Besides that, as manufacturers and solution providers, it is also imperative to provide a robust training, education, and support program to ensure that their customers are set up for success from the get-go.

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