#LifeatStructo Series | What is it like to be a Lead Mechanical Engineer at Structo?

July 23, 20 | 3 mins read


At Structo, we celebrate diversity. Through this series of “What is it like to be a ____at Structo”, we would like to give you a glimpse into the workday of different roles we have worldwide. 


Our engineers come from different backgrounds and equipped with various skill sets, but they share the same goal - to build the next generation digital dentistry solutions. So, what does a mechanical engineer do in Structo? We followed Lukas Podschlapp, our Lead Mechanical Engineer based in our facility in Singapore for an entire day to gain a better idea.



Ding! There goes the sound of the door lock. Lukas enters to an empty office and strolls though the walkway to his workstation. Settling in his seat, he scours through his unread emails and sorts the priority task in his to-do list with regards to the product development cycle of Velox, our chairside all-in-one 3D printer.



A quick hop to the pantry, he places his  mug (With the words ‘OK-lah’ printed on it – Good to see that he is assimilating well with local Singaporean slang)  on the coffee dispenser and hits ‘cappuccino’. While waiting to take that first sip of coffee, a colleague steps in and starts a casual conversation about Netflix’s latest German web series - Dark.



Weekly one-on-one meeting with his team members takes place. Despite having a packed schedule, Lukas makes sure that he is accessible to his team members. As a team lead, he is interested in his team’s success and development. Today’s agenda is Velox User Experience Design.



Heading to the Velox testing area, Lukas takes a close look at the Velox to ensure that the printer will be ready for the coming conformity assessment. The assessment is part of a compliance test to make sure that the product complies with all the technical and regulatory specifications. 



With back-to-back meetings planned out for the rest of the day, Lukas normally breaks for lunch on the dot with his fellow colleagues. Him raving about the bibimbap from the Korean stall at the hawker center across the office manages to convince the rest of them to order the same thing.




Settling back to his seat after a satisfying lunch, he puts on his headphones and dials in to a zoom conference for his leadership workshop as part of Structo’s ongoing employee development plan.



The afternoon slump is kicking in, he heads back to the pantry for another round of caffeine, grab a Kit Kat from the snack bar and tootle back.    



Placing his headphones back on, he hops into a zoom call with our contract manufacturers to discuss best practices in manufacturing environment. As part of his job scope, Lukas has to ensure that the contract manufacturers uphold the same Structo’s standards of quality and works with his team to identify cost-saving measures.



Time for a team meeting to review the week’s achievements. His team settles into the meeting booth with their laptops and notes, ready for their discussion.



Lukas glances at his watch. It’s already 6pm. With a big grin on his face as he thinks about the fruitful week at work, Lukas takes off to meet his girlfriend for a lovely candlelit dinner. Time to recharge his mind and body so he can be his best self.  Prost!